Practical Tips That Will Get Your Headline Clicks

A lot of the time, writers are so focused on the body of text that they forget one of the most important elements of the article, blog post, press release or whatever it is they’re writing. I’m talking about the headline of course (or title or heading—whatever you want to call it). The funny thing[…]


Ensnare your readers: The art of content creation

We’ve already heard that in the digital space, ‘content is king’. But this king can’t rule the online kingdom without loyal subjects: the readers. Whether you’re crafting content for an in-depth blog post, or thinking of a short tweet to send out, it’s essential that first and foremost, you keep the target audience in mind.[…]

Does Twitter Matter? Can It Possibly Last?

Yes, I think it does matter. And no, although it won’t last, not like it is now, it is the beginning of something that will last, but will be changing a lot. I could say the same about personal computing, the Web, and blogging. Twitter is all the rage because it hit fertile ground. People[…]